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Meet The Team

Michael (Mike) Cookson – Owner

Following in his father, Bunchy’s (Daniel) footsteps, at age 12 Mike started working for his dad at Cabot Garage. He’d take the short walk from Cabot School to the Garage and get to work sweeping floors. At 14, and after many hours of pushing a broom, Bunchy introduced Mike into working on cars. Bunchy very patiently taught Mike, who made many mistakes, but neither gave up! The allure of bringing something back to life is what led Mike to pursue a future in automotive repair.

At 17, Mike attended St. Johnsbury Academy’s Electronics Program for a year, and the following year he entered the auto mechanics program. He completed Auto Mechanics 1 and 2. Around this time, the Garage’s primary business was servicing Cabot Creamery/Agri-Mark trucks and vehicles, so the bulk of work was the repair of heavy trucks and equipment.

From 1977-1983, Bunchy also owned a body shop in Walden, Vermont, where Mike put in long hours and honed his skills of auto body repair on nights and weekends to supplement the already thriving auto repair business.

In 1985, Mike purchased Cabot Garage. It was a gradual transition, as Bunchy wanted to ensure Mike’s success so he worked alongside Mike six months before opening his own excavation business, Lawn and Snow Plus. Bunchy still popped into the Garage from time to time and watched proudly as Mike carried on his legacy.

Mike has worked hard through the years to stay relevant and up to date on the rapid changes in the automotive industry by staying abreast of the ever-evolving technology. Mike embraced new information and continued to pursue his education in the field. In 2003, he earned the ASE Master Technician certification.

Changes in technology meant a change in conducting business and led Mike to evolve his business model to adapt and thrive. In 2004, Mike’s wife, Ann, came into the business as a service writer and bookkeeper, and an additional technician joined to help Mike with his new business model. With the advent of social media, and marketing playing even more of a role in business, Mike’s daughter Heidi began assisting with and advising on marketing efforts. Mike has truly kept the family, in this family business!

The best part of Mike’s work at Cabot Garage is pleasing loyal customers and socializing with friends and community members throughout his day. He also enjoys experiencing the satisfaction of making a car run. and drive like new again.

Outside of Cabot Garage, you will find Mike working on something! From tinkering on one of his 14 antique tractors, building something – anything, cutting wood, or deer hunting, it’s obvious Mike likes to stay busy!

Gregory (Greg) Moore – Auto Technician

Greg has been with Cabot Garage since 2016, and his love of mechanics began a young age. When he was 6, he bought his first lawnmower to try his hand at fixing up before using it. From there, he began taking things apart so he could figure out how to put them back together (usually successfully!).

He started helping his dad tinker on things and soon he was helping work on family vehicles and later also helping his friends work on anything from cars to snowmobiles. Ultimately, Greg decided to go to Lyndon Institute, in Lyndonville, Vermont, where he found great success and joy in their automotive technical program and received his ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) student certifications.

One day, Greg found himself showing up at Cabot Garage in his quest to find a job he loved, he was landscaping, but it just wasn’t quite what he had enjoyed since was young. It just so happened that his mom knew Mike, and knowing Greg was looking for something more fulfilling, called Mike up. Next thing you know, Greg shows up and the rest is history!

The best part of working at Cabot Garage for Greg is the customers. His heart is with small-town Vermont and being able to develop relationships with customers is what he looks forward to each day. He also enjoys the diversity of work and likes that he gets to go on road calls. Greg firmly believes in the mission at Cabot Garage to provide honest, transparent auto repair where customers are able to develop a relationship with us so you can understand your vehicle’s needs and feel comfortable and confident in working with us. Greg consistently strives to provide quality work with a smile.

Greg lives in Danville, Vermont, and is a 9th generation Native Vermonter. Outside of the Garage, you can find Greg snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, off-roading, camping. He also runs his own maple sugaring business, Moore Maple (mooremaple.com). He started it in 2006 when he was just 8 years old! Greg has been a hard worker from a young age, and we are deeply grateful to have him here and part of our family at Cabot Garage.